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Fixed Deposit

If you wish to consider long term investments that allow you to earn higher interests on your savings, we have very attractive fixed deposit schemes slated to ensure safe growth of your investments.

The table below gives a clear picture of our fixed deposit interest rates for different terms.


Period Rate of Interest Deposit Amount Maturity Amount
6 Months 9.00% 50,000 52,275
12 Months 11.00% 50,000 55,730
24 Months 12.00% 50,000 63,340
36 Months 12.50% 50,000 72,335
60 Months 13.00% 50,000 94,795


Terms & Conditions:

  • Min deposit money is Rs 1000 and then in multiples of Rs 100.
  • No TDS will be deducted for members of the society.
  • Pan No required for FD’s in cash above Rs 50000.
  • Cheque to be given in favor of Soulmate Credit Co Operative Society Ltd.

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